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Hi. My name is Dan Kearney.

I sell and repair all types of new and used coin-operated games that are now being used for the Home Game Room.

With almost 50 years’ experience as a technician in the Coin-Op Amusement Industry I have learned to repair a wide variety of machines.

I can repair your Jukebox, or your old Coin Operated Video Arcade Machines, Bingo style Pinball, Bowler, Slot Machines, Dart Board, Pachinko Games, Foosball Tables, Pool Tables and that game you bought on EBay.

I specialize in the Older Electro-Mechanical Pinball's and the 1980 and newer Solid-state Electronic Pinball Games. That is why my business is called Pinball Fixer, an easy name for you to remember when you need your machine fixed.

I am often asked if this is all I do? Answer to that is Yes, after many years of working for a local operator we had sold a lot of games for home use, now I am taking care of them and selling more. Pinball Fixer is a registered trade name in the state of South Dakota. State Sales Tax must be applied to all machines, service and parts.

Most of the repair work is now done in my Shop. Because of the size and difficulty of moving Games of this nature and the fact that moving Machines often can put a problem in your game, it is still preferred to do the repair work in my Shop. Most Games I repair have gotten older and may require specialty test equipment and tools. Some have developed problems that can take way to long to get reliably repaired onsite.

My shop is located in north western Sioux Falls, in the area of the new Foundation Industrial Park.
The shop is open just by appointment so call first to make sure that I am not going to be out on Service Work or making a delivery.

Please call or Email with questions.