I can order you a new Pinball Machine and have it ready to be set up in your Home depending on availability often in just a few days. I always have some used Pinball Machines that are for sale.

Just because Pinball is my specialty remember I also have some nice clean used Juke Boxes and Video Arcade Machines for sale.

Pinball Machines are very unique: they will fit into a corner of a room not taking up that much space yet they become the center of attraction, they will add to the character and ambiance of your Game Room.

Donít worry about the kids and grandkids damaging a pinball they are very durable and will withstand the wear and tear of small children, after all they were designed to be installed in Bowling alleys, bars, taverns and other type places where they did not always get the best of care and still survived.

The machines I sell are set on FREE PLAY so no coins are needed to play them. If the coin acceptors parts are in a Game when I get it then I leave them, some are missing. Most Games can be adjusted for personal preference such as the volume level, 3 or 5 ball play, score replay levels, specials and some others. All Machines operate on standard household 120v plug-in using about the same power as a 100 Watt light bulb and should be plugged into a 3 prong grounded outlet. The average Pinball is 52" Long, 75" Tall, 30" Wide and weighs about 275 pounds.

The used games are completely looked over from top to bottom. I do all the preventive maintenance that is possible to make sure you are getting as reliable of a machine as can be.

The electronic boards are removed and checked over, any proven modifications are done and the game is cleaned inside and out. New rubbers are installed; all bulbs and switches are checked. Most have new " Flipper rebuild kits " installed and a lock on the front door. A manual is included and any reasonable touch up paint has been done.

As for Warranty; I will always make sure a game you buy from me works but the games I sell are not over priced to cover issues that may arise from normal use. If you should have a problem with your new Game I do not charge "A Service Call" fees for the first 90 days after you purchase your game and we will need to work out something on the Hourly, Parts and Mileage fees that will still apply. Sorry but tampering, abuses of the game or acts of God are not covered at all.

Often the prices of the Games I sell are less then you will find on the Internet. I will never ship a Machine; if I have one listed that you want you will need to make arrangements to come to the Shop. I want you to see and play the game before you make the decision to purchase it.... Every Machine I sell comes with free life time technical phone support, because I know the maintenance history of the machine, discounts are offered on future service call repairs should they be necessary.

I will drop the game off at your Home, make sure it is set up properly and show you what you need to know to get the full enjoyment out of your new game.

Check out Sternpinball the primary new game manufacturer to see what the latest new Games are.

I have the following used Pinball Machines for sale.

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Some other Machines you may be interested in for your Game Room. Pictures are from the web so are just representative of the actual Game available.

Rowe 100G Jukebox
Rowe CD Player
enlarge image

Big Buck Hunter
Sportsman Paradise II
enlarge image

Rowe CD Player
enlarge image

Neo Print Photo
Sticker Booth
enlarge image

Big Buck Hunter Pro
Hunting Adventures
enlarge image

Target Toss Pro
Fun Bags Game
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Please call for more info.

Inventory is constantly changing and most of the time sells before it gets on the web site. So please call or email for latest pinball and arcade games in stock.

Tired of your old game ?
Let me know if you want to get rid of your game. I can give you an idea of the current value so you can sell it on your own. I may even know someone who is looking for a machine of that age or style. I may be interested in buying it myself for reconditioning or can trade you for another.