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The Internet now has a lot of information on Pinball and Video Arcade Machines;

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Internet Pinball Database   - Details and pictures of pretty much every pinball machine ever produced.

Pinball Links Home      Games  Another great site to look up info for all Pinballs made.

The Killer List of Video Games - The Internet's largest coin-op videogame resource.

Video Game Info - This place has all the information you will need for your Classic Video Game. Where to locate the volume/test switches, manuals, parts, & etc.

Mr Pinball This is a great site with classified ads and all types of information.

Arcade-history: - Here is a searchable database of every Coin Operated machine ever made – Featuring 22 thousand Machines – Slots, Arcade, Video, Pinballs, Etc.

Wikipedia - A free Pinball encyclopedia of History, Maintenance, and Repair.

The International Arcade Museum - The parent to The KLOV, covering all coin-op amusement devices.

The Coin Operated Collectors Association. - Collectors support organization, especially for pre-1950 coin-op machines.

Steve Young's Pinball Resource - Source for Gottlieb and other manufacturer pinball manuals and parts  - You will find many interesting topics of discussion on this news group for Pinball enthusiasts.

Pinball News  -  ­All pinball, All free, All around the world.

Pinball Archive  - The Pinball Archive has long been a popular repository for pinball rulesheets and player guides.

World Pinball Directory - If you are looking for a city pinball directory (location guide), please go here.

Pinball Owners  -  Search over 30.000 games and 4700 pinball collectors from 49 countries.

Steve's Pinball - Includes: Sections on Electro-Mech Games, Electronic Games, Inside A Pinball, Pinball Tech Tips

Yahoo's list of pinball pages  - A quality collection of Pinball related links from category-based index.

Vinyl Records in the Yahoo! Directory - While you won't find a definitive price guide for your old vintage vinyl Juke Box Records anywhere on the Net, here you can browse through dozens of individual dealer's catalogs, thereby getting a rough idea of the value of some of your records.

JukeBox Guide - A International JUKEBOX-GUIDE & Gallery Listing of all Manufacturers with Dates and Pictures.

Ray’s Antique Slots  - Nice site with lots of Slot Machine, Bingo, and other vintage Arcade Machine Information.

eBay: Pinball Categories- Could hardly have a list of links without mentioning eBay

eBay: Juke Box Categories.- If you still have some time to kill after searching eBay for Pinball’s try this link if you need Records, a Manual, or other Jukebox ideas.



Additionally, I encourage you to visit the web sites of manufacturers currently in operation:

Stern Pinball – The primary Pinball Manufacturer 

Rowe International - Juke Boxes and Coin Changers

Namco Arcade _- Video game Manufacturer

Sega Arcade _- Video game Manufacturer


Thanks for your interest and support of Pinball