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The Internet now has a lot of information on Pinball and Video Arcade Machines;

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Internet Pinball Database   - Details and pictures of pretty much every pinball machine ever produced.

The Killer List of Video Games - The Internet's largest coin-op videogame resource.

Video Game Info - This place has all the information you will need for your Classic Video Game. Where to locate the volume/test switches, manuals, parts, & etc.

Mr Pinball This is a great site with classified ads and all types of information.

Arcade-history: - Here is a searchable database of every Coin Operated machine ever made – Featuring 22 thousand Machines – Slots, Arcade, Video, Pinballs, Etc.

Wikipedia - A free Pinball encyclopedia of History, Maintenance, and Repair.

The International Arcade Museum - The parent to The KLOV, covering all coin-op amusement devices.

The Coin Operated Collectors Association. - Collectors support organization, especially for pre-1950 coin-op machines.

Steve Young's Pinball Resource - Source for Gottlieb and other manufacturer pinball manuals and parts  - You will find many interesting topics of discussion on this news group for Pinball enthusiasts.

Pinball News  -  ­All pinball, All free, All around the world.

Pinball Archive  - The Pinball Archive has long been a popular repository for pinball rulesheets and player guides.

World Pinball Directory - If you are looking for a city pinball directory (location guide), please go here.

Pinball Owners  -  Search over 30.000 games and 4700 pinball collectors from 49 countries.

Yahoo's list of pinball pages  - A quality collection of Pinball related links from category-based index.

Vinyl Records in the Yahoo! Directory - While you won't find a definitive price guide for your old vintage vinyl Juke Box Records anywhere on the Net, here you can browse through dozens of individual dealer's catalogs, thereby getting a rough idea of the value of some of your records.

JukeBox Guide - A International JUKEBOX-GUIDE & Gallery Listing of all Manufacturers with Dates and Pictures.

Ray’s Antique Slots  - Nice site with lots of Slot Machine, Bingo, and other vintage Arcade Machine Information.

eBay: Pinball Categories- Could hardly have a list of links without mentioning eBay

eBay: Juke Box Categories.- If you still have some time to kill after searching eBay for Pinball’s try this link if you need Records, a Manual, or other Jukebox ideas.



Additionally, I encourage you to visit the web sites of manufacturers currently in operation:

Stern Pinball – The primary Pinball Manufacturer 

Rowe International - Juke Boxes and Coin Changers

Namco Arcade _- Video game Manufacturer

Sega Arcade _- Video game Manufacturer


Thanks for your interest and support of Pinball